Guide to Good Posture

Summarized by Plex Health
Last Updated: 02 May 2022

Good posture has to do with more than standing directly so you can look your finest. Making certain that you hold your body the right way, whether you are relocating or still, can stop pain, injuries, and other health issue. Posture is just how you hold your body. Static posture is just how you hold on your own when you are stagnating, like when you are sitting, standing, or sleeping. The secret to good posture is the position of your back. Your head should be over your shoulders, and the top of your shoulder ought to more than the hips. Poor posture can be bad for your health and wellness. Slouching or plunging over can: Misalign your bone and joint system; Wear away at your back, making it more delicate and vulnerable to injury; Cause neck, shoulder, and back pain; Decrease your adaptability; Affect how well your joints move; Affect your balance and increase your risk of dropping; Make it harder to absorb your food; Make it harder to breathe.

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