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development of guidelines for the surveillance of invasive mosquitoes in europe. "development of guidelines for the surveillance of invasive mosquitoes in europe.", by Schaffner F, Bellini R, Petrić D, Scholte EJ, Zeller H, Rakotoarivony LM. F2: Procedures and main issues of invasive mosquito species and mosquito-borne disease surveillance in Europe. Green rounded rectangles show sources of information and alerts on risks for IMS and MBD that justify surveillance; part of...

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory Mentor-Prot g Program is a U. S. Department of Energy effort developed to motivate and assist small companies in an initiative to enhance their abilities to perform contracts and subcontracts for ORNL. While joining the program, business ought to take the suggestions of the advisor to improve their processes, plans, treatments, etc, in order to better placement themselves to be an effective subcontractor after finishing from the program. To improve the abilities of local business to do contracts and subcontracts for ORNL, other DOE Laboratories and centers, and other federal companies. To promote long-lasting service connections between small service entities and to provide increased chances and resources for small service growth.

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