Gum Disease

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Last Updated: 02 May 2022

Gum disease is a very common condition where the periodontals become inflamed, aching or contaminated. Plaque is a sticky finishing containing microorganisms. The body immune system attempts to do away with plaque with a swelling response. This is seen by the inflammation and swelling of the gum around the tooth. Everyone has a range of microorganisms in their mouth. Plaque is regularly being formed by several of these germs when they feed on the sugars in the foods and drinks you take in. Plaque provides the best environment for the microorganisms that can cause gum disease to increase and live. The two primary stages of gum disease are: gingivitis; periodontitis. Gingivitis is very early gum disease. It impacts the surface layers of the gum, especially where the gum fulfills the tooth. At this stage, there is no damage to the much deeper parts of the gums, teeth or bone. The signs of gingivitis are: bleeding gums, especially when cleaning or consuming; soreness and swelling of the gum. The bright side is that gingivitis can be turned around. Do not stop brushing if your gum tissues are puffy or red. Attempt to keep brushing with a soft toothbrush, as this will remove the bacteria and plaque that are causing the trouble. Quickly the gum tissues ought to look better. If your gums do not boost or keep blood loss, see your dentist or oral health and wellness specialist.

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