HER2-Positive Breast Cancer

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Last Updated: 25 May 2022
stat3-survivin signaling mediates a poor response to radiotherapy in her2-positive breast cancers. "stat3-survivin signaling mediates a poor response to radiotherapy in her2-positive breast cancers.", by Kim JS, Kim HA, Seong MK, Seol H, Oh JS, Kim EK, Chang JW, Hwang SG, Noh WC. F5: Positive correlation between phosphorylated STAT3, STAT3, and survivin expression and relapsed HER2-positive breast cancer after radiotherapyA and B. Representative microscopic images of relapsed (A) or recurrence-free (B) HER2-positive breast cancer tissues stained with anti-phosphorylated...

HER2-positive breast cancer is when breast cancer cells have a protein receptor called HER2. Normally, this protein assists breast cells grow, separate, and repair themselves. However in some cases, something fails in the gene that regulates the HER2 protein and your body makes a lot of these receptors. This causes your breast cells to grow and separate uncontrollably. While HER2 is more aggressive than other types of breast cancer, there are treatments that can assist. A lump in your breast that feels various from the area around it is the most common symptom of breast cancer. Other symptoms of HER2-positive breast cancer can include: Breast swelling; A change in its shape; Skin inflammation or dimpling; Pain in the breast or nipple area; Redness or thickness of the nipple area or breast skin; Discharge from the nipple. Doctors don't know the exact sources of breast cancer.

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