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Hawthorne Parking Enforcement

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Last Updated: 05 February 2022

A. Pursuant to Vehicle Code Section 40202, the police officers of the cops department, parking enforcement policemans, code enforcement police officers and animal control police officers are authorized to provide parking citations for infractions of this code that concern the parking or standing of vehicles. The notification of parking infraction will be connected to the vehicle either under the windscreen wiper or in another noticeable place on the vehicle so as not to be quickly observed by the boss of the vehicle on return of that person. Once the notice of parking infraction has been attached to the vehicle as supplied above, the notice of parking offense shall be submitted with the city's processing agency. Thenceforth, these citations shall be dealt with as are the parking citations issued by the police division of the city of Hawthorne.

The City has a specialist code enforcement team that uses their extensive expertise of the City's community code and relevant regulations to act as the first line of protection in battling affliction and public annoyances. Once an examination begins, a code enforcement officer will determine the ideal course of action. Hawthorne Code Enforcement runs 7 days a week and is in charge of ensuring compliance of all city codes throughout the City. To lodge a code issue or to get in touch with a Code Enforcement Officer during times apart from the workplace hrs listed over: Visit the Planning Counter on the 2nd floor, or call the Hotline at 349-2945, or email to [email protected] Org Every residence or business operating an alarm in Hawthorne have to get an alarm authorization.

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