Head Trauma

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Last Updated: 10 May 2022
comparative study of earthquake-related and non-earthquake-related head traumas using multidetector computed tomography. "comparative study of earthquake-related and non-earthquake-related head traumas using multidetector computed tomography.", by Chu ZG, Yang ZG, Dong ZH, Chen TW, Zhu ZY, Shao H. f3-cln_66p1735: (A) A 26-year-old man with earthquake-related head trauma caused by a collapsed building in the Sichuan earthquake. The volume-rendering image shows fractures involving the right orbit, zygomata and maxilla. (B) A 40-year-old man with...

The effects from some types of head trauma might not show up right away. Do not move an individual with a head injury unless it is necessary to conserve their life. Head trauma frequently features severe neck injury. Call 911 right away after a head strike that causes: Prolonged loss of consciousness or extended sleepiness; Memory issues or complication; Severe headache; Nausea or throwing up; Pupils expanded or various sizes; Severe bleeding; Blood or watery liquid dripping from nose or ears; Broken head or a soft area on skull; Slow breathing; Loss of equilibrium; Weakness of or trouble using an arm or leg; Slurred speech; Seizure. Below is what will happen: A neurological test is done, This is a collection of simple concerns and tests that assess the nerves. The doctor shines an intense light into the eyes to examine just how the pupils respond. A head CT check might be done. A head MRI check may be done.

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