Heat Illness

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Last Updated: 02 May 2022

Throughout heat, especially when it is very moist, sweating just isn't enough to cool you off. Your body temperature can increase to hazardous degrees and you can develop a heat illness. When you stay out in the heat too long, most heat health problems happen. Exercising and working outside in high heat can additionally lead to heat illness. Older adults, young kids, and those who are overweight or sick are most in danger. Taking specific medicines or drinking alcohol can additionally elevate your risk. Heat-related health problems include: Heat stroke, a lethal illness in which body temperature level may increase over 106 F in mins. Heat fatigue, an illness that can occur after several days of exposure to heats and not enough fluids. Heat cramps, muscle mass pains or convulsions that take place throughout heavy exercise. Heat rash, skin irritation from excessive sweating. You can lower your risk of heat illness by drinking fluids to avoid dehydration, replacing lost salt and minerals, and limiting your time in the heat.

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