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macroscopic hematuria-a leading urological problem in patients on anticoagulant therapy: is the common diagnostic standard still advisable? "macroscopic hematuria-a leading urological problem in patients on anticoagulant therapy: is the common diagnostic standard still advisable?", by Antoniewicz AA, Zapała L, Poletajew S, Borówka A. fig2: Hematuria as the top reason for urological consultation: the existence in group A versus group B....

Hematuria is the existence of blood in an individual's urine. Both types of hematuria are. gross hematuria, when a person can see the blood in his or her urine; tiny hematuria, when a person can not see the blood in his or her urine, yet it is seen under a microscope. The urine flows from the kidneys to the bladder through tubes called ureters. When the bladder empties, urine spurts of the body via a tube called the urethra at the bottom of the bladder. Reasons people might have blood in the urine consist of. More severe reasons people might have hematuria include. You must never ever neglect blood in the urine. Or you might have symptoms such as: Pain, pressure, or melting when you urinate; Belly pain; Back pain. Despite just how much blood remains in your urine, the reason for the blood loss requires to be found. Many treatments are readily available for blood in the urine, relying on the cause. Blood in your urine can come from your kidneys, that make urine. As opposed to its common light yellow shade, your urine might be pink, red, brownish-red, or tea-colored. In some cases, you can't see the blood in your urine. Only a lab test can locate the red cell. In adults, bladder infections usually cause burning or pain when peeing. Infants with bladder infections might have a fever, be bad-tempered, and feed inadequately. You may experience weight management, anorexia nervosa, exhaustion, or pain in your side; Kidney diseases.

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