Herpes Zoster Oticus

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Last Updated: 09 May 2022
herpes zoster oticus: a rare clinical entity. "herpes zoster oticus: a rare clinical entity.", by Gondivkar S, Parikh V, Parikh R. F1: Photograph showing the presence of Bell's phenomenon and obliteration of nasolabial fold on left side...

Herpes zoster oticus is unusual type of shingles-- a viral infection of a nerve that causes an excruciating rash on the face including the ear. In cases when herpes zoster oticus additionally causes muscular tissues of the face to come to be paralyzed, it is called Ramsay Hunt disorder. RHS commonly causes an agonizing breakout of blisters full of liquid in or around one ear. In some cases, sores can show up in your mouth and throat. Regular shingles cause a blistery rash, however the bumps usually damage out on a smallish strip of your upper body rather than on your face. Since of the nerve that is affected, RHS usually causes some weakness in the muscles in your face. In unusual cases, you could not be able to move the muscular tissues on one side of your face at all Other common symptoms include: Ear pain which can start before you see a rash. The virus that causes chickenpox hibernates inside groups of nerves. Unlike with chickenpox, people that get shingles can get it again.

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