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Hillside Cemetery (Clarendon, New York)

Summarized by Plex Health
Last Updated: 18 September 2021

Historic Treasure in Our Midst was an afternoon of celebration and dedication at Hillside Cemetery and Chapel, located the intersection of Route 237 and South Holley Road, Holley. The September 21 event was sponsored by the Town of Clarendon to celebrate that the US Department of Interior has recognized Hillside and its Chapel by placing them on the National of Historic Places. Historical roadside marker be dedicate. National Register highlights two distinct stylistic approaches to cemetery design which are present. A Picturesque 19 century Rural Cemetery can be seen in the eastern portion of Hillside, which is literally built into the side of hill. 20th century Lawn Style approach seen in the western portion. The cemetery has many beautiful gravestones which works of art. The cemetery was in 1866. Many local are buried there as are dearly depart of numerous local families. The Chapel is in beautiful Gothic Revival Style and of rough cut Medina Sandstone. Close to the public for decades, effort is now being to restore it. A new marker was dedicated and a tour of the cemetery was conducted by Bill Lattin, Orleans County Historian.

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