Hiv screening test

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Last Updated: 02 May 2022

An HIV test shows whether you are infected with HIV. There are 3 major types of HIV tests: Antibody Test. An HIV antibody test can establish if you have HIV from 3 12 weeks after infection. You might have the ability to do an HIV antibody test in the privacy of your home. Ask your healthcare provider about at-home HIV test sets. Antigens will reveal up in your blood before HIV antibodies are made if you've been subjected to HIV. The HIV antibody/antigen test is one of the most common types of HIV tests. This test determines the quantity of the HIV virus in the blood. Other names: HIV antibody/antigen tests, HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibody and antigen examination, HIV test, human immunodeficiency virus antibody test, type 1, HIV p24 antigen test An HIV test is used to discover out if you have been contaminated with HIV. Lots of people with HIV don't have AIDS. HIV medications might avoid you from getting AIDS. You might also require an HIV test if you go to higher risk for infection. HIV is primarily spread with sex-related call and blood, so you may be at a higher risk for HIV if you: Are a man that has had sex with another man; Have made love with an HIV-infected companion; Have had multiple sex companions; Have injected drugs, such as heroin, or shared drug needles with a person else. HIV can spread out from mommy to child during birth and with breast milk, so if you are pregnant your physician may order an HIV test.

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