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Houstonia Magazine

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Last Updated: 22 October 2020

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Houstonia Magazine


New Houstonia Magazine sent its publisher packing after just one issue. Its much - promoted editor - in - chief was hired last. Three issues. John Wilburn has joined publisher Lou DeLone in making a quick departure from Australia. As first editor of Houston Press, Wilburn carry heady reputation in the Bayou City media market. As newcomer to the regional market, Houstonia knew he was just the man to hire as its first editor - in - chief. But not long after Houstonia's April launch, Wilburn is go, marking the magazine's second major leadership departure in a few months. Editorial director Scott Vogel, Houston native who founded the publication with sister Nicole Vogel, tells CultureMap via email that Wilburn will leave post in May. John was hired to be editor - in - chief of Magazine, and was number two editor here, reporting to me, Vogel writes. In April, he was offered a new position as editor - at - large of a magazine, which he ultimately declined to accept. Multiple sources tell CultureMap that Scott Vogel has taken on an increasingly vocal role in editorial and determining the Magazine's content and that Wilburn was hired with the understanding that he 'd be able to chart the magazine's editorial course. Hence his editor - in - chief title. Wilburn served stint as managing editor for the Houston Chronicle, which he joined after helping kick off the Houston branch of Microsoft's sidewalk. Com as well as serving as operations manager for KHOU's news website. He was working as an opinion editor at Chronicle when he left for Houstonia Magazine. With Wilburn at its helm, Houstonia quickly found itself with a lineup of local talent that included Houston Press alums like Robb Walsh, John Nova Lomax and Cathy Matusow. Chance to capture, between magazine covers, city as muscular, diverse and energetic as Houston, offers an irresistible lure for those of us who love colorful storytelling, Wilburn said in a January press release announcing Houstonia's arrival. This isn't first or second time, for that matter, barely launched magazine's made headlines for drama not on its pages. Houstonia found itself changing its name after Houstonian Hotel object to its original planned title: Houstonian Magazine.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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