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How The Dragon Was Tricked

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Last Updated: 14 February 2022

Andrew Lang was a Scots poet, writer, literary critic, and factor to the field of sociology.

How the Dragon was Tricked is a Greek fairy tale. An old, humpback shepherd saw him and asked him why; the more youthful sibling stated it was to correct his back, and encouraged the shepherd to be tied there in his place. And when the young man stood before the king, the king spoke with him and claimed, 'By your tricks and the pranks that you have used other people, you have, in the eye of the regulation, forfeited your life. So he headed out and made his way directly to the steady where the flying horse was connected. After waiting a bit, the young man attempted again to loose the horse, yet a 2nd time it neighed so noisally that the dragon awakened quickly and called out to know why the equine was making such a noise. When the same point took place the third time, the dragon lost his mood, and went down into the secure and took a whip and offered the steed an excellent beating. The king claimed, 'The flying horse is all very well, yet I want something more. And the first point the boy did when his beard was expanded was to take the roadway to the dragon's home and en route he met a beggar, whom he encouraged to change garments with him, and in the beggar's garments he went fearlessly forth to the dragon.

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