How To Prepare Your Child For A Lab Test

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Last Updated: 02 May 2022

A lab test is a procedure in which a healthcare provider takes a sample of blood, urine, or other body liquid, or body tissue. If your child does need screening, you can take actions to help him or her feeling less distressed and frightened. Preparing in advance may aid keep your child calmness and less likely to resist the treatment. Below are some easy actions that might make your child really feel more comfortable before and throughout a lab test. Tell your child why the test is needed and how the example will be gathered. Instead, claim that the test may hurt or pinch a bit, however the pain will go away rapidly. Practice deep breathing and other reassuring activities with your child. These may include believing happy thoughts and counting slowly from one to 10. When your child is less likely to be hungry or weary, try to schedule the test for a time. If your child needs a test that needs fasting, it's ideal to schedule the test for first thing in the early morning. Urge your child to drink lots of water the day in the past and the early morning of the test if the test does not require limiting or staying clear of fluids. If you are enabled, hold your infant throughout the test. Otherwise, stand where your child can see your face. Plan a benefit for afterward. Offer your child a treat or make a plan to do something enjoyable together after the test. Thinking of a reward may aid sidetrack your child and encourage teamwork during the treatment.

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