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Howard County Fair 2020

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Last Updated: 24 April 2022

On Friday and Saturday, many arriving at the Henderson County First Responders rodeo will see a burst of color from the new Regional Fairpark sign near the State Highway 31 entrance. Fair Park Manager Howard Calloway said the vibrant 20 feet wide and ten foot high display went in earlier this month after a long delay when parts were not available. Banners in the coliseum are included in the coliseum's set as part of the sign's information. The sign, according to Calloway, is also a place where local events can be broadcast and local alerts can also be written on the screen. Sometimes people are not sitting next to a telephone and they can get important information when they pass the sign, according to Calloway. Calloway said, we now have new LED lights for the parking lot and the Senior Citizens Center. In an interview, Mickey Day, president of the Howard County Fair board of directors, said that we should not have the fair activities this year because of all of the events surrounding the COVID-19 virus. According to the registration page, the youth livestock shows will be hosted by the Howard County Fair Association with the help of volunteers, and they are not affiliated with the University of Maryland Extension or a Howard County 4-H sanctioned activity. One month before the fair ends, we begin preparing for the next fair. The Maryland State Fair is still scheduled to take place at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium from Aug. 27 to Sept. 7. Both the Great Frederick Fair and Anne Arundel County Fair are scheduled to continue as scheduled. That's because North America Midway Entertainment, which has been operating the rides and games for years, told the fair board that they didn't have enough manpower to have the rides ready by Monday. One mattress firm that regularly leased 60-feet of floor space in the commercial building, which is expected to bring in $2,250 in sales, isn't returning at all due to the worker shortage, according to Freeman. The Russiaville Lion's Club and Morning Star Church, which has sold its popular chicken and noodles for decades at the fair, will not have tents due to staffing issues, according to Freeman. According to Freeman, a staff shortage could be throwing a wrench into areas of the fair, but most visitors will not notice the change. This year, Pioneer Village will be rocking and rolling once more, and we're thrilled that the tractor show is back. Livestock will no longer be kept overnight in the barns, except for swine and the auction animals, to allow more space to social separation, according to Winrotte.

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