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Last Updated: 07 May 2022
evolutionary interrogation of human biology in well-annotated genomic framework of rhesus macaque. "evolutionary interrogation of human biology in well-annotated genomic framework of rhesus macaque.", by Zhang SJ, Liu CJ, Yu P, Zhong X, Chen JY, Yang X, Peng J, Yan S, Wang C, Zhu X, Xiong J, Zhang YE, Tan BC, Li CY. msu084-F1: Integration, processing, and evaluation of NGS data sets. (A) Overview of the NGS data sets (shown in black) and corresponding annotations (red) processed and integrated into RhesusBase2. The numbers of NGS data sets and...

Uncovering how organic systems run could assist exactly how we assist grow crops for fuel and food in a warming globe. Avoid or have the following pandemic like Ebola. At PNNL, our biology researchers discover these systems to comprehend their function and exactly how they respond to change. In environmental systems, for instance, we understand that the junction of water and land is a mixing area including microbial systems that morph in response to changes in climate. And by researching soil cores in different components of the world, we can align previous environment conditions with soil high quality to make forecasts about their future states. Advanced energy production utilizing natural environments to make fuel is an example. Simply put, our goal is to make organic solutions that make the world a better place. At any offered time, we have researchers drawing test examples from rivers, extracting soil cores from the earth, testing blood examples from the unwell, and creating the tiniest of synthetic materials that help us better comprehend our bodies.

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