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Humana Mail Order Pharmacy

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Last Updated: 02 July 2021

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Humana Mail Order Pharmacy


In red-and-tan building in the Cincinnati area, orange PRESCRIPTION drug bottles shoot through overhead chutes and rattle along dozens of yards of conveyor belts before they are packaged and mailed TO Humana customers. Louisville-base insurer owns and runs the facility, but keeps the location confidential and staffs it with security guards around the clock because it contains modern-Day treasure: about 40 million worth of drugs, from over-counter insulin inhalers TO hepatitis C PRESCRIPTION drug Harvoni, three-month supply of which cost about 100 000. Humana operates such mail-ORDER pharmacies it has more in Arizona and Texas TO gain better control over the accuracy with which MEDICATIONS are dispensed and over the consistency with which patients take those MEDICATIONS. Building and running facilities is expensive Humana spend 23. 4 million TO build Ohio facility about decade ago and at the time pay 335 employees a combined annual salary of 18. 5 million and it upgraded facility last year but costs pale in comparison TO health care expenditures Humana can save if patients stay healthier, in part because they adhere TO their MEDICATION regimen. People with chronic conditions account for nearly 90 percent of health care expenditures in the United States, according to TO insurance executives and government agencies. At its Investor Day last year, Humana leaders said that the company's monthly costs for diabetes patients, for example, range from 613 for low-severity cases TO 1 852 for medium-severity and 4 059 for high-severity patients. For every patient Humana can keep in the medium-severity category, it saves about 26 500 per year. While that does not seem like much for a company that generates 54 billion in annual revenue, numbers add up quickly when one considers the size of Humana's customer base and share of patients with multiple chronic conditions. The insurer has about 3. 5 million Medicare Advantage customers, excluding those who are on PRESCRIPTION drug plan only. According TO CDC data, quarter of people over 65 have diabetes. For Humana, that means about 875 000 diabetes patients. If Humana can keep just 15 percent of those patients from sliding from medium-TO high-severity category, it can save 3. 5 billion in health care costs annually. That is more than the company generated in net income last year. And that is just for a quarter of the humanas population and for only one condition. Three of four Americans 65 and older have multiple chronic conditions, according TO CDC. Humana has been taking a comprehensive approach to wellness, disease prevention, disease management, urgent and chronic care TO try TO keep ballooning health care costs under control. Its Pharmacy operation gives patients convenience and accuracy, as well as drug discounts and help from pharmacists or technicians. Customers can also get a three-month supply of drugs, which means they do have TO go TO renew their PRESCRIPTION or go TO drugstore every month.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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