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Last Updated: 08 May 2022
hydranencephaly: cerebral spinal fluid instead of cerebral mantles. "hydranencephaly: cerebral spinal fluid instead of cerebral mantles.", by Pavone P, Praticò AD, Vitaliti G, Ruggieri M, Rizzo R, Parano E, Pavone L, Pero G, Falsaperla R. Fig1: AB: Sagittal (A) and choronal (B) projections of cerebral T1 weighted MRI performed on a patient affected by hydranencephaly. The cerebral hemispheres are completely missing, replaced by a membranous sac filled with cerebrospinal fluid....

Hydranencephaly is unusual condition that happens during fetal advancement. The infant is usually born with a bigger head and some parts of the brain may be missing. If your child has this condition, part of the front side of their brain will be missing and loaded with cerebrospinal liquid. Increased risk of developing hydranencephaly has also not been linked to any specific race or ethnicity. Early signs of hydranencephaly can in some cases be diagnosed throughout prenatal ultrasounds. Some infants do not reveal any signs of hydranencephaly up until birth or even months later. If your child reveals symptoms of the problem, doctors will use a combination of tests to make an exact medical diagnosis. These tests let doctors see the components of your baby's brain that are primitive. Your medical professional might suggest having an amniocentesis to look for issues in the child's chromosomes and to aid verify diagnosis.

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