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Last Updated: 09 May 2022

Contagious haematopoietic death is a contagious viral disease of salmon and trout. The disease has the most economic relevance for freshwater ranches, nonetheless Pacific and Atlantic salmon in both fresh and sea water have been badly affected. Fry and small fingerlings end up being contaminated very readily, coming to be more resistant as they grow. Some fish that make it through an episode of IHN might come to be carriers of the virus, supplying a tank of infection. Additionally, contaminated juveniles lost IHN virus fragments in the faeces, urine and external mucous. When an IHN virus epidemic happens, our scientists use molecular genetic approaches to characterize the specific virus type, and compare it with other known IHNV key ins our data source. Over 600 IHN virus examples from throughout the Pacific Northwest have been characterized to day. This web site provides the capacity to consider geographical circulation of hereditary diversity in the IHN virus on maps. An online data source for IHN virus in Pacific Salmonid fish, MEAP-IHNV.

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