Ice Fishing

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Last Updated: 08 May 2022

Ice fishing is a great way to enjoy the winter months in Wyoming and Colorado. The Laramie Peak area lies in east central Wyoming, stretching from southeast of Casper to west of Wheatland. This part of the Medicine Bow National Forest belongs to the Laramie Range and is dominated by the jagged 10,274 foot crest of Laramie Peak. The Laramie Peak area is managed by the Douglas Ranger District. With virtually 180,000 acres on the Medicine Bow National Forest, the Laramie Peak area supplies many public uses and recreation possibilities such as hunting, fishing, hiking, OHV riding, and many others. From I25 at Douglas or Glendo, anticipate to drive one hr just to get to the National Forest border and another half hr to an hour to get where you are headed. Spread Camping is enabled on all Forest Service Land in the Laramie Peak Unit, the limitations are on automobile car parking and roadway accessibility. The Motor Vehicle Use Map determines what roads are open to the general public. The safe toilet will be open but water and garbage services are not readily available. on the Medicine Bow National Forest exists the Sierra Madre Range, which is a part of the major range of the Rocky Mountains. There are two wild areas in the Sierra Madre Range: Huston Park Wilderness and Encampment River Wilderness. Named for the famous fight in between Indians and Fur Trappers in 1841, the 57-mile Battle Pass Scenic Byway runs via this area. The Sierra Madre Range is handled by the Brush Creek/Hayden District.

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