Infectious Diseases

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Last Updated: 02 May 2022

Germs, or germs, are found almost everywhere, in the dirt, water, and air. Infectious diseases are diseases that are triggered by bacteria. There are many various ways that you can get an infectious disease: Through direct call with a person that is sick. Pregnant moms can also pass some bacteria along to their babies. With indirect get in touch with, when you touch something that has germs on it. You could get germs if somebody who is sick touched a door manage, and after that you touch it. Strep throat and urinary system infections are common bacterial infections. Athlete's foot is a common fungal infection. Malaria is an infection brought on by a parasite. Infectious diseases can cause various symptoms. VA has executed a solid public health and wellness response to shield and care for Veterans, their families, wellness treatment providers, and team when faced with this immediate health and wellness risk. Among the actions VA is requiring to protect against COVID-19 transmission are outreach to Veterans and staff, professional screening at VA wellness care centers, vaccinations, and protective procedures for patients confessed to community living facilities and spinal cord injury systems. To learn about VA research on the new coronavirus, see the COVID-19 subject page to learn more about professional trials, data analyses, and research collaborations that are occurring to discover ways to protect against and treat COVID-19. Infectious diseases remain to pose a substantial danger to human health and wellness, with many types of infections having significant, global repercussions. NIAID supports and carries out research on infectious diseases, both via exterior partnership with outdoors researchers, and at its own specialized research labs. The NIAID Division of Intramural Research carries out scientific and standard research with multiple labs in a wide variety of techniques connected to infectious diseases, while the Vaccine Research Center carries out research that promotes the development of new vaccines, therapies, and diagnostics to address these diseases.

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