Intraductal Papilloma

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Last Updated: 04 May 2022
medpix case - abnormal nipple discharge - probable intraductal papilloma "medpix case - abnormal nipple discharge - probable intraductal papilloma", by Original Source: Michelle D Jardon-Aites; Author: Michelle D Jardon-Aites (Uniformed Services University); Approved By: Grant Lattin, Jr. (Uniformed Services University);. Screening Mammogram of L breast...

Discovering a swelling in your breast is constantly a source of anxiety. An intraductal papilloma is a small development inside among the milk air ducts in your breast. Both women and men can get intraductal papillomas. Experts believe that your risk of intraductal papilloma might be affected by: Family background of intraductal papilloma; Hormone substitute therapy; Hormonal contraceptive use; Lifetime estrogen exposure. Intraductal papillon is not breast cancer. The papillomas are benign breast swellings formed from collections of cells that are expanding extraordinarily. In most cases, a single intraductal papilloma is not a risk factor for getting cancer later. The papilloma may be present at the same time as other breast changes, such as irregular cells in the ducts or other components of the breasts. People that have numerous papillomas have a small increase in their breast cancer risk. You can speak with your doctor about handling your breast cancer risk.

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