Ischemic Stroke

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Last Updated: 02 May 2022
medpix case - acute ischemic stroke "medpix case - acute ischemic stroke", by Original Source: Jacob F Quail; Author: Jacob F Quail (University of Minnesota Medical School); Approved By: Daniel Hawley (Naval Medical Center San Diego);. Nonenhanced head CT scan obtained after onset of stroke symptoms demonstrates no intracranial hemorrhage, large vessel hyperattenuation or loss of basal ganglia gray-white differentiation. However, note the subtle right parietal sulcal effacement....

The brain requires a consistent supply of blood to work. Most strokes are created by a clog in a blood vessel that supplies the brain. If a blood vessel in the brain ruptures, they can additionally occur. It sends out oxygen-rich blood out via blood vessels called arteries. If an artery in between the heart and the brain is obstructed, the brain can't get enough oxygen. Arteries can be obstructed by embolism. Ischemic stroke happens when an artery that supplies the brain is considerably tightened or blocked. When small items of plaque or blood embolisms break off from the blood vessel or heart into the bloodstream, it can occur. The emboli circulation in the blood till they get embeded a small blood vessel in the brain. In a healthy artery, the cellular lining of the artery wall is smooth. The brain obtains all the blood it requires to function well. Embolism might additionally base on the plaque.

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