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Isla Fisher Looks

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Last Updated: 02 November 2020

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Everyone likely has a doppelganger, including celebrities. Insider round up pairs of celebrities who fans believe look alike and who stars have said they make mistakes FOR on regular. They include Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard, Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley, and Zach Braff and Dax Shepard. Visit Insider's homepage FOR more stories. We all likely have doppelganger in the world somewhere. And that's not limited TO just everyday PEOPLE who are running into THEIR look-alikes. Celebrities do, too. Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard make mistakes FOR each other all the time. Fans are convinced others share such resemblance that they must have been separate at birth. If you've ever felt like you're experiencing deja vu, these pairs of celebrities may be the reason you're seeing double. Modern Family and ted actresses say they make mistakes FOR others all the time. Upon meeting each other in December 2010 at a Nylon party, two decide they'd pretend TO be each other in public. She came up TO me and said she calls me all the time too, Hyland told InStyle. She says that sometimes she pretends she's me because it makes HER feel young. I ask if I could pretend TO be HER next time somebody asks me if I'm HER, and she says OK. Neeson has said PEOPLE often confuse Harry Potter and take stars. That shouldn't be too much of a surprise since two have STAR in multiple films alongside each other. The only difference is that Fiennes usually plays the bad guy while Neeson's hero. He is one of my best, best, dearest friends. I keep getting fans and stuff mixing me up with Ralph because we have very similar profiles, Neeson said on Jonathan Ross SHOW in 2014. So I've been complimented on winning Tony Award FOR My Hamlet, he's been complimented on 'Taken' MOVIES. Despite eye color difference, arrival and bachelorette actresses get confused often. Fisher joked about the duo's striking resemblance in HER cover story with Allure in January 2009. If'shopaholic is a hit, then it was Isla Fisher in the movie, say Fisher. And if it doesn't work out, it was AMY ADAMS. Fisher uses Adams' photo in HER Christmas card one year and fools both family and friends. The New Girl actress was initially kind of frustrated when fans confused two. It's little bit annoying, TO be totally blunt, Deschanel told MTV back in 2009. The only similarity that we have is that we look a little bit alike. The actress has since appeared TO warm up TO similarity. I was relieved because everyone kept saying this girl looks so much like you, ' She told Letterman in November 2012. And then I meet HER and I was like, 'Thank God shes attractive! ' I was worried she was gonna be an unattractive person.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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