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iso-suillin from suillus flavus induces apoptosis in human small cell lung cancer h446 cell line. "iso-suillin from suillus flavus induces apoptosis in human small cell lung cancer h446 cell line.", by Zhao JX, Zhang QS, Chen Y, Yao SJ, Yan YX, Wang Y, Zhang JX, Wang LA. F2: Microscopic observation of the apoptotic characteristics of iso-suillin-treated H446 cells. H446 cells were treated with iso-suillin at different concentrations (0, 6.82, 13.63, and 20.45 μmol/L) and observed under an inverted fluorescence microscope (original magnification,...

ISO was an infrared space telescope designed and operated by ESA together with ISAS and NASA. ISO got data for around two and a fifty percent year prior to its superfluid helium coolant ran out in April of 1998. ISO detected water vapor: in star creating areas, near stars at the end of their lives, in resources very close to the galactic center, and in the environments of numerous planets in our planetary system. ISO found large quantities of cosmic dust in the space in between galaxies which was previously believed to be void. Monitorings of Arp 220, one of the most-luminous object in deep space, disclosed that the source of its massive infrared radiation emission is an outburst of star development. ISO found several protoplanetary disks: disks of material around stars which are considered to be the initial stage of planet development. Hydrogen fluoride gas was for the first time found in interstellar gas clouds.

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