Jejunal Atresia

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Last Updated: 10 May 2022
medpix case - jejunal atresia (proximal) "medpix case - jejunal atresia (proximal)", by Original Source: Neel Vaidya; Author: Neel Vaidya (National Capital Consortium); Approved By: Albert V Porambo (Civilian Medical Center);. Supine radiograph of the abdomen demonstrates an abnormal gas pattern, with air in the stomach and two additional dilated loops, resembling a “triple bubble” (stomach, dilated duodenum and dilated jejunum). Lack of any air in...

Jejunal atresia is unusual type of obstruction of the small bowel influencing babies. In type 3b, in enhancement to a space, the jejunum folds versus one of the arteries that supply blood to distal small bowel and proximal large digestive tract so that the bowel coils up in a fashion that appears like an apple peel or Christmas tree. This is in some cases called maypole digestive tract or pagoda digestive tract.

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