Jiren (Dragon Ball)

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Last Updated: 15 April 2022

Jiren, also known as Jiren the Gray, is the main antagonist of the Universe Survival Saga in Dragon Ball Super. Jiren, on the other hand, suffered at the hands of Team Universe 7 during the Tournament of Power's final, had a change of heart and decided to start trusting others. Jiren was the final straw, calculating and monstrously strong being he now is, although he appeared to have still trusted and cared for his students and mentor, the betrayal of his acquaintances, as well as his teacher's death, which turned Jiren into the stoic, calculating, and monstrously robust being he is not. He seems to have been the first straw that has permanently transformed him into the stoic, more mature, and monstrous When Toppo tells Jiren that he will participate in the Tournament of Power, despite the fact that his universe will be erased if the Pride Troopers loses, Jiren refuses to participate in the notion of destroying all other universes to protect his own, causing Belmod to use the Super Dragon Balls to convince him. Even Toppo made a pose as Jiren was stoic, he seems to be even more serious in it than Toppo. Although Top advises Jiren that he should participate in the Tournament of Power, he initially refuses to participate in the Tournament of Power because, although it is his duty to shield Universe 11, he will not allow the destruction of other universes to save his own. However, Jiren has a wish he wants to fulfill, to the extent that he will go against his own principles to get that wish, and as such, he enters the tournament to win the Super Dragon Balls, but he still claims that if anything unfortunate should occur to Universe 11, he will immediately come to assist. Jiren receives 90% Inflicted and 40% reduced Damage at launch, which is typical for most modern Fighters, however, he suffers an additional 40% Inflicted and 30% reduced Damage for 15 timer counts, which opens four times. Jiren will unquestionably get these buffs activated in almost every match, as he gains access to these permanent buffs as well as the ability not to worry about cover change at all, and with Rising Rush being a part of almost every match, Jiren will get these buffs activated. For some reason, the developers decided to give Jiren the opportunity to faint after you use his Extra Arts Card and you land an Artist Card. Not only that, but if he lands a faint, Jiren will suffer a 40% Ultimate Damage and 70% Special Move Damage Up. When the enemy switches characters while this one is on the battlefield, the enemy is dead, Attribute Downgrade +10 to all Arts costs for ten timesr counts.

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