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After a 30-year occupation with NASA, Astronaut Kay Hire relinquished the company on Feb. 28. Work with signed up with the NASA team in 1989 where she worked as a space shuttle orbiter mechanical systems engineer, test project engineer, and manager of space shuttle orbiter mechanical systems and launch pad accessibility swing arms at Kennedy Space. Employ reported to the Johnson Space Center in 1995 as a member of Astronaut Group 15, becoming the first astronaut chosen from the Kennedy Space Center labor force. Work with flew to space on a second goal aboard Space Shuttle Endeavour for STS-130 in 2010 to assist construct the International Space Station. Work with and her crewmates provided and equipped Node 3, called the Tranquility component, and the Cupola, a seven-windowed portal for the spaceport station which has been a prime focus of the terminal since installation. In between her space trips, Hire sustained goals in various roles consisting of Capsule Communicator in goal control, Astronaut Support Personnel where she strapped team members into the space shuttle bus orbiter for launch, and management astronaut in which she aided develop procedures for commercial spacecraft carrying freight to the International Space Station. Employ hung around at NASA Wallops Flight Facility and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center where she was primary intermediary to the Department of Defense. In 1993, Hire came to be the first woman in the U. S. military to be appointed to a combat air crew, when she reported to Patrol Squadron Sixty-Two to fly the P-3 maritime patrol airplane. Sandra Jones Johnson Space Center, Houston 281-483-5111sandra. p. [email protected] gov Megan Sumner Johnson Space Center, Houston 281-483-5111Megan. c. [email protected] gov.

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