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kras-driven lung cancer "kras-driven lung cancer", by Eric Snyder. In this image from a genetically engineered mouse model, lung cancer driven by the Kras oncogene shows up in purple. As a key driver in many types of cancer, the Kras gene makes a promising...

A review of past research on the hydrogeology of the Classical Karst area and new info obtained from a two- year research study utilizing ecological tracers exist in this paper. The primary problems dealt with are 1 the resources of water to the Kras aquifer revival zone-including the famous Timavo springs-under altering flow regimens; 2 a quantification of the storage space volumes of the karst massif corresponding to move regimes specified by hydrograph recessions of the Timavo springs; and 3 transforming characteristics between deep phreatic conduit circulation and superficial phreatic and epiphreatic storage within the aquifer rebirth zone as figured out with changes in chemical and isotopic make-up at springs and wells. The percentages of Soca River water increase under drier problems, and decrease under wetter problems. Time collection evaluation of oxygen secure isotope records show that the transportation time of Soca River water to the Timavo springs, Sardos springtime, and well B-4 gets on the order of 1-2 months, relying on hydrological problems. The total baseflow storage of the Timavo springs is approximated to be 518 million m3, and represents 88. 5% of the storage space capacity approximated for all circulation regimens of the springs. The proportion of baseflow storage space quantity to the ordinary yearly quantity discharged at the Timavo springs is 0. 54. Sustainability of the trans-boundary aquifer of the Kras will benefit from maintaining high water high quality in the Soca River, along with focused water mapping experiments within the epiphreatic zone of the aquifer to better mark the recharge area and to determine resources of possible contamination to the Brestovica water system well.

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