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Karlyn Bowman

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Last Updated: 18 January 2022

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Whether issue is NAFTA, taxes, or gender gap, Karlyn Bowman of American Enterprise Institute is considered one of most astute analysts of Public Opinion in Washington, DC columnist for Forbes magazine, AEI senior fellow is one-woman quote circuit. Reporters and policy wonks from both sides of political aisle call Bowman for her respected analysis of Public Opinion. She is also longtime friend of IWF. Bowman writes columns on polling and Public Opinion for IWFs Womens Quarterly. Of particular interest just now is Bowmans take on gender gap, that phenomenon whereby women voters skew Democratic. It was discovered in 1980s and nearly vanished in 2010 midterms. Obama Campaign Know, However, That To Win Second Term, President Obama Needs That Gender Gap. War on Women was born. When asked about Obama campaigns War on Women rhetoric, Bowman observed that Democrats have used it successfully to reach two different groups of women: unmarried young women who are not particularly reliable voters but growing slice of female electorate, and women with post-graduate degrees. These groups lean heavily Democratic. We are expecting that in 2020 census, unmarried women will be nearly half of all women, Bowman state, and Democrats believe they can appeal to women with ads on reproductive freedom and abortion. Bowman and Jennifer senior research associate at AEI, teamed up to study voting patterns among women. They pinpoint ways in which male and female voters tend to differ: men and women differ on proper role of government, with women consistently telling pollsters they favor stronger role for government than do men. Women express greater concern about economy's future than do men, and they lag behind them in seeing signs of economic recovery. Women are more averse than men. Question CBS News Has Asked Occasionally About Willingness To Fly Into Space Also Produces Gender Chasm. Women differ significantly from men on safety of nuclear power. They are less supportive of using force, whether issue is sending troops into battle or imposing death penalty. They are less likely than men to stand-your-ground laws. As to whether women will vote for other women, Bowman posits that female candidates are less of novelty and women voters want their candidates to line up with their partisan and policy preferences. Looking at races with female Senate or gubernatorial candidates between 1994 and 2010, their study shows that Democratic women candidates almost attract women's votes while Republican women candidates rarely do so. Bowman has also explored why there are more women in public somewhat surprising fact, since women win just as often as men at every level of politics. 2011 Survey Found That 62 Percentage Of Men And 46 Percentage Of Women Say They Had Considered Running For Office.

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