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Kiami Davael

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Last Updated: 02 November 2020

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Kiami Davael


The former child star of Matilda, who plays little Lavender, is all grown now, and fans can hardly recognize her new amazing looks. It's been 23 years since the first time Matilda came on big screens, leaving an unforgettable experience for youngsters who watch movie. Fans of the 1996 blockbuster, will not be quick to forget lead child star Matilda, nor her school friend, Lavender. Geeky youngsters always had intelligent things to say and right expressions to give. Notable for her wow remark after Matilda establishes her prowess as a smart student, Lavender never gives anything short of outstanding in her performance. That former child star's real name is Kiami Davael, and her Instagram picture show that she's gorgeous diva and that without her superb geekiness, she still get heads turn. A few weeks ago, Kiami posted a selfie where she rocked sleeveless black outfit, paired with silver earrings while her face looked lit with pleasant makeup-and a heartwarming stare. With picture speaking volume, she simply put, oh, Ki step owwwttt. Adorable post gets lots of love from fans, and fan state that her daughter, who now has kids, had a memorable childhood, all thanks to Matilda actress. The 33-year-old has remained out of the limelight for a while, she has managed to maintain a low profile and has featured in other movie productions aside Matilda. She stars in comedy series like grown-Ups, in House, Moesha, and Conan Adventurer. Another film that made her as popular as Matilda was Bruno, which premiered 20 years ago. Irrespective of her private lifestyle these days, she still finds time to hang out with former colleague, who is none other than her BFF, Mara Wilson, who plays Matilda. In throwback post, featuring her and Mara, she say, Kiami continues by expressing that her role in the movie was indeed a blessing from God, which she will forever cherish. Little Lavender is pursuing a degree in Psychology from the University of Kentucky, where she graduated in 2008. Matilda child star has not shared her new plans and is a bit private about her lifestyle; her fans know one thing when she decides to post update, pictures are mesmerizing!

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