Kohler Disease

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Last Updated: 10 May 2022
medpix case - diagnosis: kohler disease "medpix case - diagnosis: kohler disease", by Original Source: 2Lt Philip Wixom; Author: Russell A. Patterson (Uniformed Services University); Approved By: Lorraine G. Shapeero, M.D. (Uniformed Services University);. Lateral Foot...

Kohler disease is a rare bone disorder of the foot in children that might be the outcome of stress-related compression at a vital time during the period of development. Usually, just one foot is affected so children normally stroll on the side part of the foot. Kohler disease is uncommon bone disorder defined by unpleasant puffy foot. Putting weight on the foot or walking is hard, triggering additional discomfort and a limp. For factors that are not understood, the circulation of blood to among the bones in the foot is cut off, causing progressive degeneration of that bone. Usually, symptoms will be mild, and patients might not look for treatment up until the pain and swelling have continued for some time.

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