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Last Updated: 07 May 2022

The left ventricular assist tool, LVAD or VAD, is a sort of mechanical heart pump. Unlike a man-made heart, the LVAD doesn't replace the heart. This can imply the distinction in between life and death for an individual whose heart needs a remainder after open-heart surgery or is too weak to effectively pump on its own or that is waiting for a heart transplant. An irreversible LVAD is currently being used in some terminally unwell patients whose condition makes them ineligible for heart transplantation. In studies, therapy with the long-term LVAD device doubled the 1 year survival rate of patients with end-stage heart failure as compared to medication treatment alone. One end attach to the left ventricle-- that's the chamber of the heart that pumps blood out of the lungs and into the body. An LVAD restores normal blood circulation to an individual whose heart has been compromised by cardiovascular disease.

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