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Lamborghini Urus

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Last Updated: 26 September 2021

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Lamborghini Urus

Body and chassis
Body style5-door SUV
ClassMid-size luxury crossover SUV
LayoutFront-engine , four-wheel-drive
PlatformVW MLBevo
RelatedAudi Q7, Audi Q8, Bentley Bentayga, Porsche Cayenne, Volkswagen Touareg
PredecessorLamborghini LM002 (Spiritual)
Curb weight2,200 kg (4,850 lb)
Height1,638 mm (64.5 in)
Length5,113 mm (201.3 in)
Wheelbase3,002 mm (118.2 in)
Width2,017 mm (79.4 in)
AssemblyItaly: Sant'Agata Bolognese
DesignerFilippo Perini (concept), Mitja Borkert (production version)
Model years2018-present
ProductionFebruary 2018-present
Engine5.2 L V10 (Concept) 4.0 L FSI twin-turbocharged V8 (Production version)
Power output478 kW (641 hp; 650 PS)
Transmission7-speed LDF dual clutch (Concept) 8-speed ZF 8HP automatic (Production version)
Lamborghini Urus - Free photo on Pixabay "Lamborghini Urus - Free photo on Pixabay", by Pixabay, licensed under CC0

The Lamborghini Urus is the first Super Sport Utility Vehicle in the world to merge the heart of an extremely sports auto with the capability of an SUV. The style, efficiency, driving and driving characteristics emotion circulation effortlessly into this visionary strategy to Lamborghini DNA. It is the outright overall incredibly sports vehicle and more. In addition to a number of other fresh paint options, the biggest Lambo now has more common driver assists and a handful of various other new requirement and optional functions.

The 2021 Urus is additionally a lot more pricey than the outgoing model, with an extra $10683 tacked onto its beginning price. Although the Urus costs near to a quarter of a million dollars, it's still the least pricey Lamborghini you can purchase. Our advised version would accentuate its extremely extroverted style with the new Pearl Capsule appearance bundle.

The back seat has great passenger space and can fit between two and three people depending on which seating setup is selected. The Lambo SUV additionally uses a selection of optional and standard driver-assistance technology, consisting of a night-vision electronic camera.

For referral, the Huracan Evo makes 630 hp and 443 lb-ft from its 5. 2-liter V-10. The Urus is virtually as quick as the Huracan, also, introducing to 60 miles per hour in 3. 0 secs flat-making it the quickest SUV MotorTrend has ever examined. The Lamborghini Urus can seat four or 5 guests relying on the arrangement. As standard, there are 2 deeply bolstered sport bucket seats in the front row, and a three-across bench seat in the second row. We've discovered the Urus' indoor to be surprisingly roomy, unlike what its rakish outside may recommend. You'll find about 22. 0 cubic feet of cargo space with the 2nd row upright, or over 56. 0 cubic feet when they're folded.

Like many Lamborghinis, the Urus is equipped with common AWD. Trip elevation and powertrain calibration change relying on the mode, however the result is regular: The Urus is an awesome performer, on sidewalk or off.

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28 September 2021The New Lamborghini Urus Test Drive

* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

Lamborghini Urus (latest news)

Lamborghini is one of the most iconic carmakers of the contemporary era. Certain, the Lamborghini Urus is a remarkable SUV theoretically, however what takes place when it needs to take on various other - efficiency SUVs from all over the world? This very SUV makes use of an 8-speed transmission and all-wheel-drive system, which assists the Lamborghini Urus sprint from 0 to 60mph in only 3. 1 seconds. The Lamborghini Urus uses much of the most effective components from various other Volkswagen Auto Group brands to construct an incredibly SUV deserving of the Lamborghini name. The Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT is the first GT SUV from Porsche, who books this unique name for its most remarkable makers. The Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT is powered by a twin-turbo 4. 0-liter V8 that produces 631 horse power. The Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT is the fastest SUV around the Nurburgring with a lap time of 7 minutes and 38 seconds.

As far as spy videos go, there's absolutely nothing concealed by camouflage wrap or creative coverings. This Urus resembles an entirely regular design you can purchase today, but after that it passes the video camera and we see 2 microphones secured to the rear, aiming towards the twin exhaust tips on each side of the fascia. It's also intriguing exactly how gradually the Urus goes by the camera, as if striving not to allow as well much audio escape the pipelines. Not overtly so, yet it appears a bit a lot more obvious compared to various other stock Urus exhaust clips we've heard. Why would Lamborghini be tasting the exhaust note on a Urus? For that matter, it could additionally be some sort of sound sampling for a video project, though it seems strange that the Urus would be driven so meticulously in the visibility of the spy camera.

This is a luxury SUV that appears like something from the future in many means. But naturally, the Lamborghini Urus has opponents on the marketplace. Unwind and distort your seatbelts as we take you through how the 2021 Urus from Lamborghini compares to a few of its competitors.

Another standout from the Lamborghini Urus is the inside. The Jeep Trackhawk is an unlikely rival for the Lamborghini Urus. Due to the fact that of the storage, people also love the Jeep Trailhawk.

BMW is one of the most popular deluxe carmakers. Buyers can obtain the 2021 BMW X6 for $86250.

The Audi Q8 is one of the most affordable auto of all the ones pointed out below.

* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions.

* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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