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potential impacts of future warming and land use changes on intra-urban heat exposure in houston, texas. "potential impacts of future warming and land use changes on intra-urban heat exposure in houston, texas.", by Conlon K, Monaghan A, Hayden M, Wilhelmi O. pone.0148890.g006: Simulated May-September median HImax differences between (a) Future Land Use, Δ 0°C and Present Land Use, Δ 0°C; (b) Present Land Use, Δ 1°C and Present Land Use, Δ 0°C; (c) Future Land Use,...

The land within the boundaries of the U. S. , covering virtually 2. 3 billion acres, provides food, fiber, and sanctuary for all Americans, as well as terrestrial environment for many other varieties. Using land, what is related to or released on it, and its problem change regularly: there are changes in the types and amounts of resources that are extracted, the distribution and nature of land cover types, the amounts and types of chemicals used and wastes handled, and understandings of the land's worth. While human tasks ashore provide numerous economic, social, and ecological benefits to communities, they can additionally involve the creation, use, or release of chemicals and contaminants that can influence the environment and human health. The complicated responsibilities of land management emphasize the challenges of accumulating information and analyzing trends on the state of land. The biggest proprietors of public land at the federal level are the Bureau of Land Management, the U. S. Forest Service, the National Park Service, the U. S.

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