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Level 1 Trauma Centers in Florida

Summarized by Plex Health
Last Updated: 22 January 2022

Lee Health's Trauma Center is the only trauma center between Sarasota and Miami. National studies reveal that patient death and morbidity are decreased by 20-25 percent when a patient is dealt with for traumatic injuries and is taken care of in a trauma system instead of a non-trauma system.

Florida is split into 22 trauma service areas, some of which have no active trauma center. After the patient is maintained, his/her treatment is the obligation of the trauma center staff up until the patient is released from the trauma center. Trauma centers are required to have a staff of certified trauma surgeons on staff and present at all times. Florida law mandates that level I Trauma Centers should also be pediatric trauma. It ought to be kept in mind that significant distinctions between level I and level II centers are found in respect to pediatric specialists being called for in level I centers and demands of teaching medical facility classification needed of level I. Pediatric trauma centers are called for to carry personnel trauma doctors that are credentialed for pediatric treatment.

Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies is home to Bert Martin Champions for Children Emergency Department, the first of its kind in Central Florida. As Central Florida's only Level One Trauma Center, it serves an average of 700 pediatric trauma patients each year from greater than 16 areas in Central Florida. Our Level One Trauma Center includes six Trauma Resuscitation Bays, where one of the most seriously damaged people from around Central Florida are brought for rapid diagnosis and immediate treatment for lethal injuries.

When you or a family member are seriously unwell and need a high level of care, the Intensive Care Unit at Orlando Health facilities can give the necessary comprehensive and specific therapy that is commonly required of seriously ill patients.

As a Level I trauma center, we pride ourselves on being the finest place for trauma treatment in the area, stated David Meysenburg, registered nurse supervisor for TraumaOne. Other trauma centers in the area don't supply this technology for trauma patients, claimed Andy Kerwin, MD, chief of acute treatment surgery at UF Health Jacksonville. A Level I trauma center is also the premier location in the region for trauma research, helping build new advancements in trauma care.

Level I trauma centers are almost always connected to academic health. Numerous research groups have conducted retrospective researches over the years to check out information that illustrate the distinctions in outcomes at Level I and Level II trauma. Patients required to Level I centers had more severe injuries, more penetrating injuries, more complications, yet similar unadjusted mortality compared to Level II centers, researchers stated.

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