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Levolor Blind Parts

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Last Updated: 16 November 2020

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Select Size: 1377, Standard Clutch carries up to 30lbs 1376, Slim Clutch carries up to 15lbs include: 1 traverse Clutch, 1 Clutch cover, 1 disk drive, 4 spears, 1 spear retainer, 2 disk screws & INSTRUCTIONS. INSTRUCTIONS NOTE: these spears once attached stay on very strong. Make sure you Insert them correctly as it is hard to remove spears once they click onto clutch & disk drive. 1. 5 wide Cloth Tape For 2 slat Blind. To determine how many feet of Cloth Tape you need: STEP 1: Measure the height of your Blind STEP 2: Count how many ladder Cloth your Blind has STEP 3: Use formula: x Number OF ladder string. For example, if your Blind is 5ft tall and has 2 cloth ladder, then you'll need x 2 = 12 ft sell by foot. To ORDER, enter the total number OF feet you would like to purchase into quantity box. Minimum Quantity ORDER: 10ft. Select Color: White 1196 or Creamy White / light ivory 5537 Commonly Use on 2 wood Blind and 2 venetian Blind 20ft OF BEAD Chain. To purchase longer Chain, just ORDER in multiple Quantity. We won't cut Chain so it remain continuous. Nickel plat steel BEAD Chain Use with BEAD connector To make custom size LOOP, super long BEAD LOOP longer than 6ft Commonly Use with Clutch OF Roman Shade, Roller Screen, Vertical Blind Size 10. LARGE BEAD, heavy duty. Commonly Use To make BEAD LOOP To operate window shades, Roller shades, sun screens Size 6. MEDIUM BEAD, Commonly used as pulling Chain on Vertical Blinds, fan pull Chain, neck lace. Size 3. Xsmall BEAD, Commonly used as bottom Vane connector For Vertical Blinds, pen Chain, neck lace. TIPS: For common LOOP length, BEAD Size 10, like: 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, best to purchase ready make BEAD LOOP. These loops are truly continuous. There's NO connector, so it's easier to operate. Less breakage. 10 = 5502 6 = 1305 3 = 1231 OUT OF STOCK. DO not ORDER Clutch 2: 25 To 1 For Honeycomb Shade, 3 Day Blind, Lelovor Select leave or RIGHT recommended CORD LOOP type to use with this Clutch is: D30 Clutch Only with BLUE Color at End as show, End Cap, Cordloop, Shaft not include. NOTE: Clutch 6: 1 and 2. 25 To 1 looks almost identical, except the BLUE color on 2. 25 To 1 Clutch. Tensioner For BEAD Chain LOOP 10 Hunter Douglas Logo Color: Off White-5994, Beige-5995, black-5993 tensioner is spring load so you can adjust the position OF tensioner about 1 / 2. If the tensioner pinches your BEAD LOOP, then you need to move the tensioner down further. CORD LOOP tensioner and BEAD LOOP tensioner work the same way. The main difference is the thickness of the device: CORD tensioner is slimmer, while the BEAD tensioner is thicker. End Cap For Pirouette II Shade Headrail, For Standard 4 fabric Vane type To Hold Roller, fabric, Clutch & Headrail together.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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