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Last Updated: 30 November 2020

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We needed to head to the pharmacy and decided to walk through local villages rather than on main road-it takes just over an hour and we get lose few times, but it was great to see how locals live and to give some kids giggle with our funny accents! On walk back, we got really lost and had to cross the river-I went first and fell in and as gem was tentatively approaching her attempt young schoolboy struts past her and skips across rocks like it was nothing! Gem had a template to follow then so make it across fine, I squelched my way through the rest of the walk home! For dinner we were taught to make Chapatti from scratch by Miriam who works at our hostel-she was great and we were briefly joined by, crazy Jamaican / American lady who was also staying there, She can be best described as one of those over excitable shopping channel TV presenters and was funny but I guess only in very small doses! The process seemed to take forever but we eventually had them finish and get early at night straight after our meal. Read more, everyone knows that Tanzania is famous for its wildlife. The plains of Serengeti are filled with flocking tourists, herding animals and solitary carnivores posing for their photos. One of the largest groups are toy Otas, usually peaceful but capable of running their prey to the ground with excessive bursts of speed. The Two-Tier Tanzanian economy is gear to these rich pickings, picking up significant contributions to debt repayment plan. For example, just to cross Ngorogoro Park on the way to Serengeti costs USD73 each way. That is more than I pay for the annual National Parks Pass in Australia. Most prices, though, are carefully calibrated to be the same as in Europe. I found real, brewed coffee the other day in Muzungu cafe, which cost me TSH 3000 about 1 Euro 20. If you haven't seen Game Park, I suppose it is worth it. Having seen the surrounding countryside and numerous pictures of Serengeti, I find it rather like extending Longleat, with stately tents instead of stately houses. Kruger in South Africa is probably a better bet and my favourite was Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park, though I visited in the last century so who knows what it is like now. Here anyway are some of the less frequently photographed animals, starting with compound beasts Tiger and Nala, both desperate for attention and sympathy but uncertain medical condition. Secretary bird was morosely hiding in the centre of town guarding German boma, that houses the Natural History Museum. I found flamingo in a puddle outside the art Centre. Is this called irony? I have no idea what a green creature is. As soon as it realised it was to be in the photo, it accelerated away into the wild.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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