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Lewis E Goodier Jr

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Last Updated: 14 November 2020

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He was born on August 5 1885, to Lewis Edward Goodier Sr. And Jane E. Northrop in Utica, New York. He graduated from Georgia School of Technology in C. 1908 and was a member of ANAK Society, school's oldest known secret Society and honor Society. He joined the United States Army and was one of first five officers to report to the New Signal Corps Aviation School on North Island near San Diego, California. Signal Corps Aviation School General Order No. 10, dated August 15 1914, lists Captain Lewis E. Goodier Jr. As commanding officer of 2 Company, 1 Aero Squadron, with School under command of Captain Arthur S. Cowan. On August 17 1914, Captain Goodier tested a bomb-dropping device designed by Lt. Riley Scott in Martin Model T. He was seriously injured in a demonstration accident on November 5 1914 while flying with Glenn L. Martin in a new aircraft undergoing require competitive slow speed test, aircraft stall, and when Martin overcorrected with too much throttle, go into tailspin. Goodier suffered a nearly severe nose, two broken legs, re-open skull fracture, and severe puncture of his knee from the drive shaft. The accident occurred amidst series of fatal training crashes, all involving Wright Model C pusher airplane, that resulted in six deaths between July 1913 and February 1914, and culminated in pilots refusing to fly pusher airplanes. Captain Cowan refused to discontinue use of aircraft, dismissing pilots as nothing but amateurs. While recuperating, Goodier Jr. And his father, Lieutenant Colonel Lewis Edward Goodier Sr., Judge Advocate of Western Department in San Francisco, assisted two other officers in trying to prefer charges against Cowan for fraudulently collecting flight pay. Charges were dismiss, and Goodier Sr. He received reprimand in a 1915 court-martial. However, evidence was introduced during court-martial showing a pattern of retribution against officers on flying duty who fell into Cowan's disfavor, and that Lieutenant Colonel Reber, head of the Aviation Section, and Cowan had used Captain Goodier's injuries as pretext to have him dismissed from the Aviation Section while he was recuperating. Goodier Jr. Continue to serve in the military into World War II and retired as Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force. He died on December 29 1961, in Santa Barbara, California.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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