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Lewis Ford Of Hays

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Last Updated: 08 November 2020

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Lewis Ford Of Hays


I buying a car from Lewis Ford for my daughter in Sept 2019. After only a few short months, we had many issues. Take car to the Ford dealership where we live at the end of April. First off, because there was a nail in the tire so it was losing air, but other than that, hood release latch inside the cabin was inoperative. When it rains, vehicle abs and brake lights come on in addition to steering becoming inoperative. There was an issue with the front wheel speed sensor. Only after a few short months! That visit cost me 237. Just a little over a month later in June check engine light came on and the car wouldn't go over 60. Take it in again. That diagnosis visit was over 70, state water pump was leaking, but it was going to cost 1000 to fix. Don't have money on whim so had to wait until we could get funds together to pay for it. July 3 We had money and took it back in and had waterpump replace. The bill ended up being 889. Still, plenty of money! My daughter didn't get her car back for about week and a half and the engine blew. We haven't had a car for even year and have had it in shop many many times in that short time! Over 3000 to replace engine, more if at dealership. Call Lewis Ford where we purchase car, they contact extended warranty company. They send out a guy to get a diagnosis. Come back with that car wasn't properly maintain. That's CRAP! I provide oil receipts, all of invoices from dealership, etc. We take that car in every single time it has any sort of noise, issue or light come on. Clearly! The car was bought for close to 11 000, We put half down so we still have a decent loan on this car and now have to pay over 3000 or better for a new engine? Frustrate, call Lewis Ford and they also state they couldn't do anything. I am going to the Better Business Bureau, Attorney General of Kansas and directly to Ford Motor Company. This is terrible business! The engine for this car should be cover. That's what extended warranties are for. Don't give me an excuse that we didn't maintenance vehicle when we sure had it in shop many many times to keep anything worse from happening. I'd love call back from a manager that can explain to me how this is good Customer Service? Now I do want to add, I work with Whitey, but he does all he could. He called Ford dealership here in Topeka and worked with the service manager. He called me back and didn't leave me hanging. It's Lewis Ford that I have issue with. So my one star Customer Service rating is on dealership, not Whitey.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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