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evaluation of parameters related to libido and semen quality in zebu bulls naturally infected with trypanosoma vivax. "evaluation of parameters related to libido and semen quality in zebu bulls naturally infected with trypanosoma vivax.", by Bittar JF, Bassi PB, Moura DM, Garcia GC, Martins-Filho OA, Vasconcelos AB, Costa-Silva MF, Barbosa CP, Araújo MS, Bittar ER. Fig1: a Trypomastigotes of T. vivax in a blood smear of an infected animal dyed with Quick Panoptic and seen using an optical microscope 1,000× magnification. b The form of trypomastigotes marked with fluorescein isothiocyanate...

Libido, which indicates sex drive or the desire for sex, differs dramatically from a single person to the next. Many new pairs will go with an early period of having a lot of sex that after that decreases in time. Some people have sex, or really feel like having sex, daily, others might make love yearly or otherwise whatsoever. As well as clinical problems and the side effects of some drugs, there are a variety of other reasons for a decreased sex drive, including: performance anxiousness, early climaxing or unpleasant sex can make a person prevent sex out of fear that it can occur again; fatigue, feeling too worn out for sex is common; lack of time and personal privacy, the demands of work and home life might not leave adequate time for affection and sex; knowledge, a couple's wish for sex often tends to minimize gradually; sexual incompatibility, libido can be affected if an individual constantly wants more sex than their companion or desires a type of sexual task that their partner is not comfortable with; sexual turn-offs, sex-related destination to your companion might minimize if there are changes in their physical look, such as too much weight gain; anxiety, mental health problems such as anxiety can cause tiredness, absence of inspiration, feeling unfortunate and taking out from activities, including sex; stress, scientists have found stress hormonal agents can minimize sexual need and response; exercise and exercise, either too little or too much exercise can cause a loss of sex drive; past distressing experience, going with trauma such as unwanted sexual advances, sex-related misuse or rape, can influence sex-related desire.

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