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cutaneous lichen amyloidosis "cutaneous lichen amyloidosis", by Nancy Perrier, MD, FACS, University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center (Photographer). Photograph of the neck and upper back of an individual whose skin is covered with many small bumps that are brownish-red in color. Fotografía del cuello y la parte superior de la espalda de una...

This implies that it grows on tree branches and bark, and depends on the trees for support and access to light, but is not parasitic at all. Occasionally the lichen strands are nearly a lawn long! Early Euroamerican explorers and ethnographers state that this lichen was an emergency food for the Plateau individuals including the Nez Perce. One story informs just how black tree lichen originated from the braided hair of the charlatan Coyote. When Coyote's braid caught in an evergreen and he was not able to loosen it, he reduced the intertwined off to free himself. Then, so as not to squander his hair that was hanging from the tree branch, he altered it into food that would therafter be gathered by the people.

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