Linear Accelerator

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Last Updated: 05 May 2022
linear accelerator "linear accelerator", by Daniel Sone (Photographer). A linear accelerator (LINAC) is set up to deliver stereotactic radiosurgery....

A clinical linear accelerator customizes high energy x-rays or electrons to adapt a tumor's form and ruin cancer cells while sparing surrounding normal tissue. If you're arranged for radiation therapy making use of a LINAC, your radiation oncologist will team up with a radiation dosimetrist and a clinical physicist to develop a treatment prepare for you. A medical linear accelerator is the gadget most generally used for exterior beam of light radiation therapies for patients with cancer. The linear accelerator uses microwave technology to speed up electrons in a part of the accelerator called the "wave overview," then enables these electrons to hit a hefty metal target to generate high-energy x-rays. These high energy x-rays are shaped as they exit the machine to conform to the form of the patient's tumor and the tailored beam of light is directed to the patient's tumor. The patient rests on a moveable therapy couch and lasers are used to make certain the patient is in the proper setting.

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