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Last Updated: 10 May 2022
medpix case - liposclerosing myxofibrous tumor of bone (lsmft) "medpix case - liposclerosing myxofibrous tumor of bone (lsmft)", by Original Source: Mark L Harshany; Author: Mark L Harshany (Brooke Army Medical Center); Approved By: Keith J Kaplan (Mayo Clinic);. AP view of the left hip shows a geographic lesion with a thin, well-defined sclerotic margin in the ntertrochanteric region of the femur. There is globular amorphous mineralized matrix in the middle lower portion of...

Lipomas are soft, fatty lumps that grow under your skin. You must visit your general practitioner if: you get a lump anywhere on your body; your lump is painful, hot or red; your lump is hard and does not move. Your general practitioner will usually have the ability to inform if the lump is a lipoma. In uncommon cases, lumps under your skin can be a sign of something more severe. Lipomas are safe.

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