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Lithuanian Women In Politics

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Last Updated: 18 January 2022

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If Hillary Clinton won US presidential election this November, she would become first female President in this countrys history. But not only that-three of world's most powerful countries would be led by women: United States, United Kingdom, and Germany. Some analysts also include Marine LePen, French politician who is not unlikely to win French presidency and join company of Clinton, Theresa May and Angela Merkel. Some political observers have noted that such groups could make certain macho leaders feel quite uncomfortable, like Russia's Vladimir Putin, who is often mocked for not feeling quite at ease in company of female peers. For that matter, another US presidential candidate, Donald Trump, also gained notoriety for his sexist comments and disrespect for female journalists. Little Over Century Ago, Not Only Were Half Of Humanity Barred From Membership In Political Parties, But They Were Not Even Allowed To Elect Their Representatives In Parliaments And Governments. Women, who make up about 52 percentage of world population, gain suffrage surprisingly late, first in New Zealand. Through rallies, hunger strikes and active political campaigning, women prove that democracy is impossible if half population is excluded from voting. From voting to being elected to parliament has not been straight road either. Egle Krinickiene, Head of Gender Studies Department at Mykolas Romeris University in Vilnius, notes that number of female representatives in national parliaments is growing very slowly. Women themselves less often choose career in politics and voters are more suspicious female candidates, she say. This is largely to do with persistent gender stereotypes that are passed from generation generation out of inertia. These stereotypes assign to women household functions like care giving, while men are given roles of breadwinners, decision makers. This may explain voters tend to prefer male candidates. Moreover, women themselves are disinclined to show solidarity with female candidates, they themselves often vote for candidates, Krinickiene say. On other she add, fewer women go into politics. Krinickiene believes that some women tend to underestimate their potential: It is question of women's self-worth that we should be raising-Women, after all, are more educated than men In European Union, for example, over 60 percentage of university graduates are women. Lithuania in middle Statistics compiled by United Nations show that number of female delegates in national parliaments has nearly doubled over last 20 years, but they still make up little over one fifth on average. Sweden leads in Europe 45 percentage of its Parliament being made up of female MPs, followed by Belgium, Netherlands and Denmark. Scandinavians are often thought to be leaders gender equality issues. Norway was one of first countries to allow women to vote. Pay Gap Between Genders Is Smaller In Scandinavian Countries Than Anywhere Else In World And Women's Employment Is Among Highest. In Denmark, for 72 percentage of women and 79 percentage of men are employ.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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