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Liver Disease

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Last Updated: 06 May 2022
type and cause of liver disease in korea: single-center experience, 2005-2010. "type and cause of liver disease in korea: single-center experience, 2005-2010.", by Lee SS, Byoun YS, Jeong SH, Kim YM, Gil H, Min BY, Seong MH, Jang ES, Kim JW. F1: The prevalence of liver disease types. Chronic hepatitis was the most common type of liver disease in this cohort, comprising 62.7% of the liver diseases, followed by liver cirrhosis (12.2%), acute hepatitis (8.4%), primary...

There are greater than 100 different types of liver disease. On this web page, there is information about how the liver works and some specific types of liver disease. Liver disease doesn't usually cause any apparent signs or symptoms till it's rather advanced and the liver is damaged. It's important to note that all types of liver disease can cause cirrhosis, not just alcohol-related liver disease. 3 of the major sources of liver disease are: obesity; undiagnosed liver disease infection; alcohol misuse. You can help protect against several of them by keeping a healthy weight and staying within the advisable alcohol limitations, if you drink. Your liver is already damaged and marked once you begin to get symptoms of liver disease. This is known as cirrhosis.

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