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Last Updated: 01 February 2022

This year, we are using Exact Path, Edmentum's online learning service. Your child will be using this program at school, but he or she can also continue their education at home. Where can my child find their jobs? Icons will show where your child will start working, continue where he or she has last left off, or review completed work. A short Progress check will be unblocked after completing the tasks that were included in your child's education path. This quiz will determine whether your child's knowledge of the skills he or she just acquired will help determine whether additional research is required or if your child can move to more advanced content. Any trophies or badges your child has earned for their participation in the program will be displayed in the Rewards section. After completing a Progress Check, your child will be awarded a certificate for every skill they know or excel at. Edmentum CEO Jamie Candee said Iam delighted to welcome Apex into the Edmentum family. Pairing Apex's established, high-quality secondary education services with Edmentum's full suite of high-quality, online learning services creates a rich variety of programs developed specifically for the next generation of learners. Apex Learning CEO Chris Porter said Iam incredibly proud of the positive impact Apex's programs and services have had on students and educators around the country, and she is deeply proud of the positive effect that Apex's curriculum and services have had on students and educators around the country. Apex's prior investor, Andy Kaplan, said We look forward to seeing Apex and Edmentum raise the bar for digital learning and better prepare students for success. Apex Learning students and educators will continue to be supported as Edmentum and Apex continue to collaborate to offer the high-quality service and learning experience students and educators have come to expect. Credit Recovery will allow all high school students the opportunity to make up any core course that is mandatory for graduation. If your student has enrolled in Credit Recovery, they can access their courses by going to the Edumentum website and entering their student id number as their username and password. Credit Recovery will be handled by Edmentum PLATO, an online platform. We still highly value the impact of a YES Prep instructor providing additional guidance and assistance during the online course, so all students enrolled in Credit Recovery will take the course in a YES Prep classroom with a YES Prep instructor to track the students' progress toward graduation, provide additional guidance and assistance when needed, and communicate with families. Student students will be shown how to log in and navigate Edmentum Courseware, according to a credit recovery representative.

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