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Last Updated: 01 May 2022

While the majority of people recover swiftly from coronavirus, some people might have recurring symptoms. These symptoms are not limited to people that were seriously unhealthy or hospitalised with coronavirus. Many people's symptoms of coronavirus get better within 4 weeks. For some people, symptoms can last longer, or new ones can develop. Symptoms can additionally change in time and can influence throughout the body. Medical care professionals might refer to long COVID as: ongoing symptomatic COVID-19; post-COVID-19 disorder. It can not be claimed precisely how long coronavirus symptoms will last. Signs and symptoms after coronavirus can be various from individual to individual. Read better details about the signs and symptoms of long COVID. Many people really feel better in a couple of days or weeks and most will make a complete recovery within 12 weeks. The chances of having long-lasting symptoms does not seem to be connected to how ill you are when you first get COVID-19. People who had mild symptoms initially can still have long-lasting problems. There are lots of symptoms you can have after a COVID-19 infection. If your earlier COVID-19 symptoms were modest or mild, you can get it even. Research advances that, along with: Treatment and prevention; How long it can take to recover from it; Whether long COVID can make heart and brain issues more probable; How a person can develop immunity after they have COVID-19; What role vaccines play. Long COVID shows up to impact each individual in different ways.

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