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Long COVID symptoms

Summarized by Plex Health
Last Updated: 01 May 2022

If your healthcare expert assumes you have long COVID, they may: ask and take a clinical history about whether you have had, or think you have had, coronavirus; examine you to discover more about any psychological or physical health symptoms you have if required. You may discover a wide variety of things that can stick around for a long time. Common symptoms include: Fatigue; Brain haze; Loss of scent and preference; Shortness of breath; Cough; Joint pain; Chest pain. You may also have: Sleep issues; Anxiety; Gut issues; Fever; Muscle pain; Depression; Headache; Rapid heartbeat. In unusual cases, long COVID can influence your organs. You might get: Inflammation of your heart muscular tissue; Lung-related concerns; Kidney issues; Hair loss; Skin rashes; A difficult time with concentration and memory. If you have any of these, tell your doctor about it right away.

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