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what azure blues occur in canada? a re-assessment of celastrina tutt species (lepidoptera, lycaenidae). "what azure blues occur in canada? a re-assessment of celastrina tutt species (lepidoptera, lycaenidae).", by Schmidt BC, Layberry RA. F11: Adult males of Celastrina. a–cCelastrinaladon (Cramer) a Normandale, ON, CAN, 22 May 1956, J.R. Lonsway, (CNCLEP 116459) b St Williams, ON, CAN, 7 May 1977, J.T. Troubridge (CNCLEP 116460) c St Louis, Missouri, United...

Callophrys irus is unusual and declining lycaenid found in the eastern U. S. , living in xeric and open habitats maintained by disruption. We observed frequent organization of area larvae with numerous varieties of ants and provide a listing of ant types. We recommend two theories on the prospective benefits of stem-girdling to C. irus larvae: 1 Stem girdling provides phloem sap as a larval food resource and increases the fallen leave nutrition concentration, increasing larval development rates and giving high quality honeydew for going to ants; 2 Stem girdling minimizes stem toxicity by hindering transportation of toxins from origins to the stem.

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